Organization: Bavarian Center for Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry (BayBioMS)

Dates: 17. - 21.09.2018

Location: Campus Weihenstephan, Freising

Language: English

Status: The course is free of charge.

This course aims to introduce the field of Metabolomics to master students, doctoral candidates and postdocs, which would like to integrate it into their own research. It is applicable to researchers in different fields of the life sciences. Participation in this course will give you the tools to plan and execute metabolomics experiments in collaboration with metabolomics core facilities or collaboration partners. The course will also provide the possibility for small hands-on projects where participant can measure their own samples using the metabolomics technology.

Metabolomics is one of the functional genomics tools, besides transcriptomics and proteomics. Its goal is to comprehensively monitor and quantify metabolites and thereby obtain a snapshot of a systems metabolic state, which can be related to different pathophysiological states.

To do so, metabolomics uses different analytical chemistry tools such as mass spectrometry (MS), with and without hyphenation to prior separation techniques, or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). These tools can be used in two different ways. While non-targeted metabolomics aims to detect as much as possible metabolites semi quantitatively (e.g. fold change), targeted metabolomics focusses on a smaller subset, e.g. metabolites of a specific pathway and quantifies them absolutely.

In order to understand limitations and possibilities of metabolomics approaches an introduction to different analytical methodologies will be given. Together with the knowledge about experimental design in metabolomics and data analysis strategies the participants are able to plan and conduct metabolomics experiments together with core facilities or metabolomics collaborators and can practices their skills with their own sample sets.


  • Understanding of metabolomics as functional genomics tool and its role in systems biology
  • Understanding different terminologies used, e.g. targeted and non-targeted metabolomics and their respective analysis scope
  • Differentiation of targeted and non-targeted methodology and their possibilities
  • Basic understanding of analytical technologies used in metabolomics, e.g. LC-MS, NMR and others
  • Experimental setup in metabolomics and perquisites for successful metabolomics studies
  • Small hands-on projects to apply the metabolomics technology to your own research
  • Basics of metabolomics data analysis


  • What is metabolomics and how can it help my research?
  • What technologies and approaches are used in metabolomics?
  • What can I measure and what not with metabolomics?
  • How do I design a metabolomics experiment?
  • How do I apply the technology to my own research questions?
  • How do I analyze metabolomics data?
  • Analysis of selected metabolomics publications Practical part: Hands-on projects at BayBioMS WZW

Students who want to propose their own sample set for the practical part should submit a half-page description of the goals and the experimental setup to Dr. Karin Kleigrewe and Dr. Michael Witting until mid of July 2018 latest.

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