2021-10-20 BayBioMS Advanced Mass Spectrometry Seminar - Bernhard Hörmann; Verena Peters and Dr. Zachary Ardern

2021-06-30 BayBioMS Advanced Mass Spectrometry Seminar - Dr. Liudmila Voronina and Michael Gigl

BayBioMS Advanced MS seminar 21th April 2021 - Dr. Julia Mergner, Dr. Isabella Straub and Dr. Christian Schmid

BayBioMS Advanced MS seminar 20th January 2021 - GNPS presented by Prof. Pieter Dorrestein

BayBioMS Advanced MS seminar 21st October 2020

Data, Reagents, Assays and Merits of Proteomics for SARS-CoV-2 Research and Testing - 15.07.2020 Christina Ludwig & Jana Zecha

xcmsViewer - 2020.04.22 Chen Meng